SD Lightning Bolt’s Send Multiple Teams to Playoffs

SD Bolts football season


PHOTOS: Darrel Wheeler

By Darrel Wheeler

The 12-U SD Bolts were on their way to an undefeated regular season after an easy victory over host Valencia Park’s Hornets on Saturday, October 22.

However, if they wanted to remain in the column of the undefeated they had to face the other great team in the division loaded with good coaching, speed, power, size, and tenacity. That would be Los Toros, the “0” snatchers.

They met last Saturday and LT did what they do to most teams – beat them.

After the smoke cleared, the Bolts were clearly no match for the rough and tough team from Los Toros. The Bolts might get another chance at redemption in the playoffs, our Q Bowl.

Both associations will send their fair share of representatives to the big SDYFL playoff and Championship dance.