‘Soul Healing’ Event helps Women Cope after Election


By Domonique Scott

domSoft music, a room lit by the flames of burning candles, the aroma of incense warming your skin and around you the faces of black, brown and white.

Restless energy vibrates and rebounds against the walls and through each woman sitting on the rugs below. The anxiety is caused by the need to finally speak what they have been choking back for too long.

Soul Healing is one of the seven events hosted by the nonprofit organization She is Soul. Founder, Brisa Lauren, said She is Soul was created to designate a place for Black men and women to convene through discussion, networking, music, art and poetry.

Lauren said Soul Healing was created especially for women to provide a safe space for them to feel empowered and a place where it is safe to be vulnerable. Hosted at Pilgrimage of the Heart Yoga Center, through the two hour discussion, reflection and meditation I found Soul Healing as a positive outlet for frustrations and a safe meeting place for women that is a treasure often overlooked.

Soul Healing: Coping and Healing from Injustice, was the theme of the night, and two hours was not enough time to release the pain and frustrations these women have felt day to day. Through anger, tears and silent empathy, strong voices shared their fears and traumas.

Rape. Sexism. Racism. Body shaming. Women have been told to keep silent about these issues and not to speak out, but Soul Healing gave encouragement to women to speak up.

A lot of discussion surrounded the fear and disgust associated with the results from election night 2016. Lauren said, to much vocal agreement, that she was tired of being put through the process of “getting ready for war.”

“We are warrior women and I am sick of sending our next (generations) to war,” she said. “I’m scared for my son, he is six.”

Danielle McKinney, facilitator of the event, said in order to heal, these discussions need to be consistent.

“Your voice is your power,” she said. “Speak up and make change.”

She is Soul will host their next event Dec.18. “Royalty” will welcome Kings and Queens to come together and network while celebrating the beauty of being Black. Dress code is all black attire.

Lauren said She is Soul will be hosting another Soul Healing as soon as January.

“We really want to allow our queens the freedom to speak,” she said. “Discussion and meditation goes back to roots and allows me to create my own space where I can be me unapologetically.”


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