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COMMENTARY: For All the People, By All the People

By Ray Curry, Secretary-Treasurer, UAW Our nation was founded on a profound principle — a government that is chosen by the people. Granted, this extraordinary...

New Racial Justice Bureau at Cal DOJ Will Support State’s Reparations Task Force

Tanu Henry | California Black Media   Last week, California Attorney General Rob Bonta announced that he has created a new bureau within the Department of...

‘Twenty Pearls’ AKA Documentary Shows the Vision and Impact of Black College Women

Executive Producer and Alpha Kappa Alpha member Kimberly Esmond Adams believes anytime is the right time to tell this type of American story. “This story talks about the role that a group of college women, who were still finding their way in the world, yet were intelligent enough to understand that the world was bigger than them and they could do something concrete to make it better for everyone.”

Warnock: GOP Voting Restrictions Resurrect ‘Jim Crow Era’

By BILL BARROW Associated Press Sen. Raphael Warnock, whose election as Georgia's first Black senator gave control of the chamber to Democrats, used his first floor...

FORTRESS MINNEAPOLIS: City ‘Violence Baits’ Community Ahead of Chauvin Trial

By Mel Reeves, Editor Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder “It’s upsetting to see all the wire and barricades,” said Mary Moriarty, former Hennepin County Chief Public Defender, in...

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