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While Some Minority Students and Teachers Thrive in Distant Learning, Others Struggle Daily

“There’s a bunch of research about the value add of Black teachers in school. It turns out that Black teachers help all students to perform better,” says Sekou Biddle, the Vice President of Advocacy and Student Professional Development Programs at the United Negro College Fund. “White students perform better too. When Black people do well, everyone does well. The problem is that when others do well without us doing well, they leave us behind,” concluded Biddle, who leads advocacy efforts to ensure that more African American students will be college-ready and better prepared to enroll in and complete college.

Black SuperPac Urges Candidates, Parties to Spend Millions with Black Businesses

By The Florida Courier Staff One of America’s leading Black conservative political action committee has instituted a national effort to help Black-owned businesses earn some...

United Negro College Fund Gets a New Start in San Diego

PHOTO GALLERY By Staff Writer Photos by Steve Peterson Friday, The San Diego Museum of Man in Balboa Park, was the launching site for the United Negro...

Surprising Outcomes at the 2nd Annual Leaders’ Luncheon

By TJ Dunnivant Staff Writer The 1954 Supreme Court decision Brown vs. Board of Education supposedly overruled the 1896 Plessey vs. Ferguson separate but equal standing...

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