The La Mesa Protest – Faces in the Crowd


Remeica wanted her son to see the protest and how "we" can come together for equal rights and to prevent the violence. Her daughter, who is majoring in Biology at Grossmont College to become a doctor, spoke passionately about the Black Rights movement. "They always say that protesting is wrong. But every civil rights movement, woman suffrage, gay rights, all that was solved through protesting and we are out here trying to do the same thing," she said. Remeica had her daughter when she was only 16. She went out to the La Mesa protest to support her.

Captions and photos by Tejae Dunnivant

Last week protesters in La Mesa marched in response to the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis and the incident involving Amaurie Johnson and a local La Mesa police officer.

It was unclear if the non-protesters of color were really down for the #BlackLivesMatter movement, or if they were there to invoke violence as part of a white nationalist implant. The protester seen here with the American Flag on his back, was egging other protesters on to rush the blockade of law enforcement. He shouted, “Come on everyone, these guys ain’t sh*t!”

Rasheed Miller

Protester Rasheed Miller was standing yards away from a police blockade off Highway 8 after the government declared an unlawful assembly order giving local law enforcement the right to engage and break-up the crowds. After being out there for a couple hours, Rasheed said that his purpose for being out there was to bring recognition to the police brutality that is happening to people of all races, nationwide. “We appreciate the job of law enforcement, [but] there are times when they go too far. This protest is an example of how tired people are!”

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