This Newspaper, You and the Virus


By Dr. John E. Warren Publisher

During this difficult time for all of us, the San Diego Voice & Viewpoint is committed to its partnership of information sharing with the County, local cities, the Governor and the National News concerning the virus and its impact on our lives.

As Publisher and Pastor, I am in touch with local Clergy as we consider how to serve our churches and communities. This week and each week going forward, pastors and members of the community have been and will be asked to join me on GOD each Wednesday evening at 7:00 PM.

On Wednesday afternoons, the County conducts a Faith Based Conference call in addition to its daily press conferences on the impact of this virus on our county. In addition to our weekly publication of the Voice & Viewpoint, we will be providing e-blast and website updates as information and directives are issued by local and state authorities.

We are following our grocery stores and monitoring their hours of operation as well as supplies. We urge you to only buy what you need and not hoard supplies. We urge you to read and share information with others via telephone, and your electronic devices. E-mail us if we can be of help. Our office hours have been reduced to 9am ‘til 12 noon, Monday through Thursday. No walk in traffic, but we can help you at the door if necessary.

The Eagle’s Nest Christian Center is conducting its services online. This Sunday we will be using our Facebook account. We also use UberConference and a call to the office can provide the necessary information. As Pastor, or Publisher, I can be reached by calling 619-266-2233 ext. 104. I will return calls if office staff are not available.

We will also provide online information for those churches that share how they are conducting their services. If you miss hard copies of the newspaper, which will carry links to government agencies and their information, you may find us online.

We know that information on such issues as the freeze on rents and evictions, as well as how to file for unemployment and other financial related issues, is important. We will work with any organization or group in our community seeking to help during these unprecedented times. We urge you to join us in prayers for everyone and for an end to this crisis.

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