Unpacking the Racial Overhaul of Public Education

This story is part of “All Those ‘Racial Reckoning’ Promises” Word In Black’s series exploring the pledges made to the Black community following the Summer of George Floyd and what organizations and leaders can still do now to promote racial equity and justice.


#BlackLivesMatter, all right now! // Wikimedia commons

By Aziah Siid, Word in Black 

It was a viral video that changed the world: The nearly 10-minute-long clip of the murder of George Floyd. But what’s sometimes forgotten is that a high school student, 17-year-old Darnella Frazier, filmed the video.

And the impact of Floyd’s murder on public education is undeniable. It catalyzed a course-changing wave of student-led protests, calls to defund school police, and even requests to revisit and revise how race is taught in the classroom.


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