We Are Missing In Local Political Campaign Ads


By Dr. John E. Warren, Publisher

There are some very interesting things happening with Black presence in local politics this year. Note that, recently, we reported that two local polls conducted on the political races in the City of San Diego, spoke of surveying White, Hispanic or Latino and Asian voters, but failed to mention African American, Black or Native American residents as people who were consulted for those polls.

The first observation of this issue was made after the first “poll” conducting the survey. The second poll too omitted African Americans and Blacks (since a number of naturalized African people are citizens, but not African American). The reference to the number of undecided voters in both polls was enough to sway the local elections either way.

Now add the following to this observation: The political television ads for those persons running for the Offices of Mayor and U.S. Congress lack the presence of the same African Americans, Blacks and Native Americans in the ad blitz which is underway. One mayoral candidate made an effort at a high profile sit-in-the-park chat with a couple of people of color, but the real ad blitz now underway between candidates does not include people of color. Some of these individuals have been endorsed by this newspaper. Why? Because if you are not at the table, then you are on the menu.

This is a good time for African Americans and Blacks to learn from the upcoming election. Learn that you must vote and make a choice during these difficult times or risk total exclusion during the administrations of those on the ballot. But learn also that this is a good time to start preparing for the next election. This is a good time to get involved no matter where one lives in San Diego County. One should not be afraid to get on the ballot, no matter where you live in San Diego.

This is also a time to remember that even if the people you vote for don’t get elected, the ones who do have a statutory obligation to represent you, regardless of how you voted. To do less is considered “malfeasance in Office.”

We still have time to register, if we are not; and to get to the polls, if we have not. We have time to help someone else if they need help. Check the Voters Guide in the Voice & Viewpoint and vote according to it and your conscience.

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