A Personal Invitation to Join the Voice & Viewpoint


By Dr. John E. Warren Publisher

During the next two weeks, two events will be sponsored by the San Diego Voice & Viewpoint. One is “Biscuits, Grits & Politics, our new monthly opportunity to meet with you and discuss issues of political concern in a setting that encourages conversation and the exchange of ideas and opinions without the conflicts of party affiliation. This event is scheduled for the first Tuesday of each month at our offices, in a breakfast setting that serves biscuits, hot grits, scrambled eggs, catfish nuggets and beef links for just $15.00 per person on a first come, first served basis. Everyone is invited to attend and participate.

Because we are in a political season, candidates for several offices have been invited to Biscuits, Grits & Politics for discussions with those present, not debates or campaign speeches. Our next breakfast meeting is next Tuesday, February 4, 2020 from 7am until 9am at 3619 College Ave, San Diego. We expect to be joined by a number of candidates since this is the last breakfast meeting before the March 3rd California Primary. You may follow the discussion even online.

Our second event will take place next Friday, February 7, 2020. It is the Annual Voice & Viewpoint Gala which is just that, a Gala. The dress is formal, Black Tie for the men. It is an evening of entertainment of a diverse nature, the giving of personally designed awards to designated people being honored for their years of service to our community. A number of you have already received these honors and recognition at past SDV&V GALA’s and we invite you to come back and honor those who are now following you. We have kept this event in the community for the convenience of the many who live nearby.

This year, Valet Parking will be available, at a minimal price, for those who need it. Our GALA price has not increased even though some costs have. The price of $100 per person is posted in the newspaper and online. We anticipate a full house. Know that tickets will not be available at the door and there is a cutoff date on sales. Because of this, the Voice & Viewpoint offices will be open this weekend for direct purchases for those who are not comfortable going online. We will be open Friday, January 31st, from 9am until 5pm for the selling out of available seats.

Tickets may be purchased by cash, check or credit cards and PayPal online. There will be absolutely no ticket sales at the door, we must honor a cut off time to meet food preparation requirements.

We invite your support as the proceeds will go to the upgrades and innovations we have planned for this year, with more online services while maintaining our print service and distribution. Please contact us if you have questions. We look forward to an evening with you.

Biscuits, Grits & Politics
First Tuesday of each month at our offices. $15.00 per person. Includes hot breakfast.

The Annual Voice & Viewpoint Gala
Friday, February 7, 2020. $100 per person in advance. Tickets will not be available at the door. Click here.


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