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First stop to bring in 2014 was the Floyd Smith promoted New Year’s Eve Bash at Jasmine Seafood Restaurant and Lounge. With Floyd Smith being one of the most successful old school event promoters, the “New Years Eve Bash” was anticipated with a lot of chatter.

The event took place at a quaint seafood and restaurant venue that had a large dance floor and plenty of tables. Forty dollars before 9 pm afforded attendees all -you-can-eat seafood buffet, however the buffet was cleaned and put away for the $25 dollar dancing only fee after 9 pm.

With half the room being local restaurant family and regular customers, the other half of the room looked to be Sheraton Old School Saturday followers. Because the division was apparent, there was a bit of awkwardness that enveloped the room entirely. DJ T-Bone and Dnyce spun old time favorites but the dance floor remained fairly sparse and the lack of energy was evident throughout.

Smith was instrumental in bringing nationally known producer Monty Seward to attend the event and his table looked to be enjoying the night’s festivities. Other couples looked happy to bring in the New Year with a loved one and the kick-back relaxed attitudes of most seemed to be what they desired for a night of fun.


Second stop was Baja Ques Premier New Years Eve event at Felix Barbeque in San Diego. The promoter of this event was the whole Omega Psi Phi Fraternity.

Attendance and energy at this event was a little more uplifted than the first place, however the majority of people in attendance were by the Omega brothers as well as their sister sorority, the Deltas.

The Omegas rented the entire restaurant and the $50 entry price included all-you-can-eat buffet of Felix BBQ ribs, Chicken, Fish, cornbread, greens, candied yams and macaroni and cheese. The buffet was left up the entire night for attendees to enjoy.

The Ques also added to the entertainment by performing various step routines to certain jams played by the DJ. A champagne toast was given at the 12:00 hour and smiles erupted in joy of bringing in 2014 surrounded by close friends and Felix’s familiar bartenders and staff.

In both instances for the amount being charged, increased attendance would have been ideal. Event promotion among African-Americans in San Diego can become quite the challenge. According to a slide presentation entitled “Be the Talk of the Town, Event Production Done Right” on, there are three phases to event promotion which include the pre-event, the event and the post event.

In the article it states traditional and social media promotions. Traditional promotion includes press releases, articles, T.V., radio and print. For the AA target market this should be done primarily with the local black press. Many events rely on word of mouth and many times that could be why these events are not successful in attendance numbers.

The article goes on to utilize social media as well especially in the post-event process. The slide states, “Leverage the event as long as possible…a long tail is very powerful.” In all having a well written before, during and after promotional plan and a budget for advertising, the more successful your event will be. To see the slide show in its entirety visit

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