City Heights Celebrates Mini Park



Photos Central Region Prevention Coalition
Champions of a nighttime curfew for City Heights Square Mini Park threw a party. Timed to mark the implementation of a 9 PM to 5 AM curfew supported by a grassroots community coalition, the celebration Friday, June 14th kicked off a Summer of Fun event series designed to reclaim the pocket park as a community space where kids, families and seniors gather to connect, relax and play.
The nighttime curfew became a rallying cry for residents, business owners and social service providers who observed an increase in gang activity, binge drinking, drug dealing and drug use, litter and violence in the park. The Parks and Recreation Department submitted the curfew proposal with support from law enforcement and community advocates. The nighttime park curfew earned the unanimous support of San Diego City Council members earlier this year.
The public was invited to tour the park, enroll in classes and participate in hands-on demonstrations of some of the activities – such as yoga, low-impact aerobics, crafts and Bingo — are scheduled over the summer months.
Speakers included David Monroe, Deputy Director, City of San Diego Parks and Recreation Department; Captain Todd Griffin, San Diego Police Department’s Mud City Division; Maria Cortez, City Heights resident and community health and safety advocate; and OG Yoga’s Marisela Chavez who lead community residents in a low impact yoga session.
The City Heights Square Mini Park is located at 4061 43rd Street, San Diego 92105. It was designed as an urban oasis where residents can connect, relax and rejuvenate. The pare is a community treasure. Framed on three sides by tall buildings, it is a quiet, intimate space laced with trees and colorful public art.

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