Demands For Food Grows By the Hundreds



By Staff Writer
Photos by Brian Goodin and Voice & Viewpoint
As the demand for food grows nationwide, with some lines of automobiles more than a mile long, members of the San Diego community are responding in full force. Each day thousands of school lunch sacks are being distributed at school sites like the Porter Elementary School in Southeastern San Diego. The Porter school site is staffed by a team of school employees and volunteers who daily, with the exception of Saturday and Sunday, pass out over 1,000 lunches and breakfast snacks to parents as they drive through the distribution site. Tuesday, April 28th was no expectation.
Later that same afternoon, the Hip Hop Wellness 5K joined by Strike Force and the Corner of Blessings Church from Bakersfield, California, gave away several hundred boxes of food at the Mount Erie Baptist Church site adjacent to Porter Elementary School. This was about the same time as My Brothers Keeper and Paving Great Futures were doing their weekly give-away of about 600 bags of food to drive-thru and walkups at the Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation. Mr. Overstreet of Hip Hop Wellness 5K and Minister Hugh Mohammed agreed on giving as much help as both are able in such a serious time of need. The pictures tell the story.

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