In Support of the San Diego NAACP President


By Dr. John E. Warren, Publisher

The San Diego Chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) is preparing to hold elections for Officers. One would think that a local organization which has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars in the short life of its interim President, would be more than glad to have such a demonstration of leadership and fiscal success continued during such difficult times. It appears that there are those who do not agree that Mrs. Francine Maxwell has done such a great job during the time she has stepped up from First Vice President to President.

It has been under the leadership of Mrs. Maxwell that the local chapter has seen a growth in real involvement of the civic life of the people of the City of San Diego. The local chapter of the NAACP should be encouraging both membership and involvement consistent with the 101 year old history of the National organization. Mrs. Maxwell and any others that meet the requirements of membership should be able to be nominated, and if possible, elected to a full term as local President. Those members of the Chapter’s present Nominating Committee which has vowed to block Mrs. Maxwell from even being nominated, should resign in the interest of the organization they pretend to care about.

The San Diego Voice & Viewpoint supports the nomination and hopefully the election of Mrs. Francine Maxwell as the next President of the San Diego Chapter of the NAACP and urges the community to get involved and do the same. Under her leadership, the organization has been a strong partner of this newspaper in advocating for all the members of this community, regardless of race or gender. Such refreshing efforts should be rewarded with the opportunity for the continuation of service. Let’s not exchange the “passion of leadership for the pearls of illusions” that some would offer even though they have done very little, if anything.

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  1. I agree with Dr. Warren, its amazing to see the growth of the NAACP San Diego branch under Ms.Maxwell’s leadership. She has raised and elevated the branch tremendously since she stepped up from First Vice President last year. She has consistently shown that she is about the work and the continued growth of the organization through countless interviews, reactivating the membership drive, and having an active presence on the social meeting. It’s dishearting that there are those who are trying to block Ms. Maxwell’s efforts to continue her great work with the organization because they are unable to check their emotions at the door and solely focus on the work for the people.

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