Ladies of the Universe: Self-love.


By Jeaneva Rose 

What is self-love? The act of unconditional consideration and compassion for one’s feelings and emotions.

The journey of self-love will always be a rollercoaster back to our soul self. When we search for expansion, to create more, to be more, we discover that we were simply unconsciously asking to love more. To be so unconditionally in love with ourselves and life that our spirits roam free. Free to express, to create, to grow, free to be. It is only through that unconditional love and surrender that our spirits will collapse into love and truly begin to live. It is through unconditional love that infinity is created and through infinity the Universe is born. Through you, the Universe is created. Through you, all exists. Through you, love has a home.                     

Self-Love & care tips:

1.         Know yourself

2.         Say “no” when you need to

3.         Give yourself alone time

4.         Show others the true you

5.         Express your feelings

6.         Nourish your mind, body and spirit

7.         Speak kindly to yourself

8.         Accept yourself and others

9.         Make fun a priority

10.       Listen to your heart <3 

Healing books of the week: Radical self-love ~ Gala Darling, The Self-Love Experiment ~ Shannon Kaiser, Women Food and God ~ Geneen Roth, You Can Heal Your Life ~ Louise Hay, Spirit Junkie ~ Gabrielle Bernstein, Pretty Happy ~ Kate Hudson, Milk and Honey ~ Rupi Kaur, Eat Pray Love ~ Elizabeth Gilbert, The Power of Now ~ Eckhart Tolle

“Until you love yourself completely you won’t be able to love life because you are not loving the life that’s experiencing it.” ~ Jeaneva Rose