Letter to the Editor


By Kelvin X Singleton,
R.J. Donovan State Prison

Dear Editor:

Having read the article regarding the claim of racial profiling and discrimination, my mind begin to wonder as to why this is always a topic of discussion ever so often in our major cities? I have nothing but time to think of things like this having been imprisoned for many years paying a debt to society. One thing came to mind and it’s a saying that has kept me moving forward since inception in my thought process. ‘The struggle is not part time but all the time!”

As a people of color we have endured centuries, in fact thousands of years of “profiling and discrimination”. Most people don’t realize it’s “Tribalism in a contemporary style.” But the thing that one must always remember when confronted with the prejudices and discriminatory acts of others is that your struggle is not part time, but all the time. In reviewing the articles of February, 6 2014 in the San Diego Voice & Viewpoint (War on women harms children too; J Edgar Hoover’s War on Black America; The great divide of Income Inequality, etc.), wouldn’t you agree that the struggle is full time?

People of color, its not time to be complacent and docile in our efforts to make positive change. To do so would not only allow the efforts of profiling and discrimination to continue, but would also continue to create the stresses Black men encounter daily that reduces our life span.

Kelvin X Singleton,

R.J. Donovan State Prison

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