Reclaiming the Community: Artists for Peace in Southeast San Diego


Photo by Sarah Loud

San Diego, Calif. – In an effort to promote positive relations within the Southeast San Diego community, and in response to escalating violence, local music artists of varied backgrounds and affiliations have joined forces under the name of “Reclaiming the Community” to produce a compilation album.

After months of work creating and compiling original music, producers are releasing the Reclaiming the Community album on July 7th 2015.  The albums will be available for purchase at Access Music, M-Theory, Off the Record, or download on soundcloud and ­­­­­­­­­In addition to the music, the album will feature original cover art by local artists, and a short set of vignettes about the musicians and their definitions of “community.”

Executive Producer Parker Edison says of the project, “This is the beginning of a communal effort to reclaim our streets, our community, and our future. Too often, outside influences and special interests make vital decisions about our neighborhood. The truth is we know what Southeast needs and we know we can create that place.”

Featured Artists

Tiny Doo, Big June, Ecay Uno, Odessa Kane, Black Mikey, Real J Wallace, Aki Kharmicel, Piff PCH, Ric Scales, Jaz Williams, Wilinesha A. Sutton, Von Dreaam, Leon Saint Heron, Looselyric, Aye Hitt, Licwit Loco, C-Hecc, Pedalay the Boss, Beatsmith Resist, Dave Moss, Bossman Hogg and more.


About Reclaiming the Community

Reclaiming the community is a coalition of organizations, individuals, and community leaders that embrace the historic, rich and diverse cultures of Southeast San Diego, and recognize its ability to become a leader in community participation. Reclaiming the Community has communal office space at 6431 Imperial Avenue, and hosts women’s and men’s groups, book groups and has a modest library of culturally relevant non-fiction, fiction and historical texts.

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