San Diego Continuing Education authors first statewide report on adult education


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SAN DIEGO—San Diego Continuing Education, in partnership with the California Community College Chancellor’s Office Educational Services, recently completed a state-wide survey of adult education programs – the first survey of its kind.

“The survey was about three things: current noncredit offerings throughout the state, the operational policies behind them, and planning for the future,” said Michelle Fischthal, Dean of Institutional Effectiveness at San Diego Continuing Education. “We are the largest noncredit institution in the state, so we are the hub of adult education… we are the ones other institutions come to for assistance with their noncredit programs.”

The data from the survey is available in the report, released today, called The Past, Present and Future of Noncredit Education in California. The report features survey results from all 113 California Community Colleges as well as three ancillary adult education institutions.

“This data can also inform state enhancements in support of noncredit program growth as we look toward supporting the mission of the community college, the most underserved population, and advocating for its future in California,” said Carlos O. Turner Cortez, Ph.D., President of San Diego Continuing Education.

The report is not just about the data. It also provides the historical context of how adult education has played a vital role in California communities by providing English and citizenship classes for immigrants to job-specific vocational training for California’s workforce. Additionally, the report provides recommendations for future research and best practices for adult education in the state.

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