SDUSD Choral Honor’s Choir Performs at Lincoln High School


Photo © 2019

The San Diego Unified School District hosted another District Choral Honor Concert Friday, March 8. The well-attended event featured three choirs comprised of nearly 120 students in grades 4-12, from 35 schools in the district.

At the direction of some of the region’s top choral directors, each choir performed four songs, demonstrating variety in style, culture, language, and history – from African folk songs to American spirituals to Billy Joel to a song from the recent movie “Coco.”

The grand finale featured all 120 students and their choral teachers together on stage. The concert showcased some of the best vocal talent from across the city. Admission was free with ample parking available in the school’s parking structure.

SDUSD’s commitment to arts education was on display, as the middle and high school choral programs allow all students in grades 4-12 to participate in honor choir. Honor choir students have the opportunity to work with some of the region’s most esteemed musical directors. The uniquely artistic collaboration provides musical growth and professional development for both students and teachers.

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