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No-Appointment-Needed! COVID-19 Vaccine Opportunities

SOURCE: County of San Diego To view a list of COVID-19 Vaccine Appointments by Day, click here. First-come, first-served Walk-up only (No drive-thru) Click here...

PRESS ROOM: Leading CEOs Champion Equity for the Black Community in Accessing COVID-19 Vaccines

Led by a diverse group of Black CEOs, this initiative gathers resources from respected and trusted community and business leaders, health professionals and public officials to ensure that accurate and transparent information about the COVID-19 vaccine is available to Black Americans. Our country’s long history of unethical medical practices in the Black community has increased distrust around medical science and may contribute to hesitancy among Black Americans to take the vaccine.

Mayor Gloria Reacts to Recent COVID-19 Court Ruling

SDVV Newswire & The Office of Mayor Todd Gloria News services across the region are reporting on the potentially ground-shaking ruling handed down this week....

Minority U.S. Contact Tracers Build Trust in Diverse Cities

JULIE WATSON | Associated Press SAN DIEGO (AP) - When a contact tracer called the Iraqi woman to say her 18-year-old daughter tested positive for...

San Ysidro Health Front-Line Staff Receives Donation of Meals from Frontline Foods

Voice & Viewpoint Newswire Photos courtesy of San Ysidro Health On Wednesday, Sept. 2, 2020, several San Ysidro Health clinics in the Central Region received a...

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