Urban League of San Diego County 60th Anniversary Celebration


By Steve Peterson

On December 6, 2013 the Urban League of San Diego County, led by President and CEO, Ray King, celebrated its 60th anniversary at the Jacobs Center for Innovation in San Diego. Since 1953, the Urban League of San Diego County has served the people of San Diego County, reaching out not only to African Americans, but to people of all colors, ages and beliefs for whom the playing field is not yet level. Charles Anderson, President of the Urban League of San Diego County Young Professionals, emphasized that the Urban League targets and works towards equality within housing, youth and education, civic engagement, health, and economics. Winners of The Urban League speech contest were Nolan and Angelica, who both came to read their contest winning speeches.

For sixty years the San Diego Urban League has worked towards social and economic equality through advocacy, community development, program services through research. “It is because of community support that we are able to give back to the community. Supporters who have contributed include Bayview Community development Corporation (Mauri E. Hamilton), Director of Community Programs (J.J. Anderson, District Attorney’s Office) and the USS Midway Museum (Dennis Burks, Chairman of the Board, Mac McLaughlin, President & CEO, and Chuck Nichols just to name a few. The Urban League was honored with awards from the office of 4th District councilwoman Myrtle Cole, Greg Cox and the San Diego Board of Supervisors, Interim Mayor Todd Gloria’s office.

“Education is the foundation for every occupation” Urban League.

The Urban League of San Diego rests on the foundation of education, citing “Education is the foundation for every occupation.” For more information on the San Diego Urban League please contact Tiffany Harrison at tiffany@sdul.org. You may visit their office at 720 Gateway Center Drive, San Diego Ca., 92102 and contact them at 619-266-6247, Fax: 619-263-3660 or Email: sdul@sdul.org.