What’s in Your Hand and the Business Fair


Dr. John E. Warren And Mr. Willie Morrow Photo
Mr. Willie Morrow (l) publisher of the San Diego Monitor News and Dr. John Warren, publisher of the San Diego Voice & Viewpoint Newspaper
By Dr. John E. Warren
Mr. Wille Morrow, publisher of  the San Diego Monitor News and Founder of the Black Business Boot Camp is to be commended for the Business Fair he held last Saturday at the MLK Multicultural Center at the Bayview Baptist Church.

While the rainy weather was a factor for some, there were a great number of people who found  their way out to the event in spite of the weather. The selection of items available for sale should have been the object of a community Black Saturday. In addition, Mr. Morrow and his team made great use of the theme selected from the title of one of the speeches given by the late Congressman and Reverend Adam Clayton Powell, Jr.: “What’s in  Your Hand?”

The message was a simple one; We each have something that we can do with our hands to either help someone else, build a business or buy from one. It would have been a good thing to see more people from our communities spending money with Black businesses. Unfortunately, San Diego has not arrived at that sense of collectiveness that encourages a people to support their own, not because they have to, but because they want to. It appears that a great number of us, in spite of the trillion dollar spending power we now generate as a people, have not learned to use our hands to help each other.

The San Diego Voice & Viewpoint joins the San Diego Monitor News and the Black Business Boot Camp in praying that one day soon, more of our consumers will realize the power of what’s in their hands and use that wealth to help all of us.
Congratulations  to Mr. Morrow and his team for their contribution  to “keeping hope and business alive”. It’s time for all of us to take another look at what’s in our hands.