Hoops at the Beach


By JoAnn Fields
Contributing Writer

San Diego, CA: Thousands of basketball enthusiasts converged at the Mission Beach Park for the Annual Hoops at the Beach 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament Saturday, May 17th and Sunday 18th. The Holiday Bowl produced event is said to be the largest 3-on-3 basketball tournament in San Diego. Players of all ages and skill levels were invited to participate. In addition to the court competition, a free throw challenge, 3-point shootout and slam dunk contest took place. San Diego Charger Malcolm Floyd was the celebrity judge of the slam dunk contest.

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John Akridge shared, “My teammates Roy, Kendrick and Marty come out every year to compete in Hoops at the Beach. This year we won the championship for the 6’ and under open division after a series of hard fought games against a Bay Area team. The bracket that we fell into caused us to play the same team four times. Each time was a close fast-paced game. We win by one, then lose by one. At the end of the series it was a landslide. I enjoyed hearing my family and friends cheering for us courtside. It’s all in good fun and competition. I look forward to the rematch with that team in L.A. come August for the Nike 3-on-3 Tournament at the Staples Center.” Coach Marty Ellis offered, “Talent wins games. But teamwork and intelligence wins championships. This weekend my team pulled it together to win the championship!”

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Christie shared, “My son competed with his sixth grade teammates. They all enjoyed themselves. I wish we had more events like this because San Diego has a lot of basketball talent and we live in a beautiful city. My friends and family drove into San Diego to watch my son and his team play. They really like the beach and Belmont Park that surrounded the tournament. Hoops at the Beach is a great tourism destination for San Diego. Organizers need to do better in advertising the event so that it could attract more teams to participate and checkout the San Diego scene.”
For more information regarding Hoops at the Beach, visit their website at www.HoopsAtTheBeach.com.

Photography by JoAnn Fields