Lady in the Universe: Mastering the Law of Attraction


By Jeaneva Rose

The ability to do anything, go anywhere, create anything has always been inside of us. When we let go of the paradigm that what we want doesn’t want us, magical possibilities will begin to unfold. Each and every one of us has a God given power to manifest anything. Through the course of our human journey we have been made to believe that we are not worthy of what we desire and that we should settle for less because that’s what everyone else has. Realize you are not everyone else, you have a unique and special purpose in this world that no one else can do but you.

With that purpose come’s power, the power to manifest anything you wish because that’s exactly what you were designed to do. We are created in God’s image, which means we have the same capabilities. Don’t let this dimension give you tension, and make you believe your anything less than magical. You are purely divine magic, designing the reality you believe you can have. So ask yourself, do you have the reality you deserve?

Law of Attraction Steps:

1.      Decide exactly what you desire

2.      Ask the Universe

3.      Feel the joy of receiving your manifestation

4.      Express and feel gratitude

5.      Let go & trust the process

Ways to raise your vibration: Read inspiring books, Do something creative, Smile, Take a deep breath, Hug someone, Spend time in nature, Listen to music you love, Dance, Essential oils, Daydream, Show love and appreciation, Watch a funny movie or show, Do anything you love to do.

Mindful Book Choices: The Secret ~ Rhonda Byrne, Wealth Beyond Reason ~ Bob Boyle, The Power of Intention ~ Dr. Wayne Dyer, The Secret of Law of Attraction ~ Katherine Hurst, The Science of Getting Rich ~ Wallace D. Wattles, Ask and it is Given ~ Esther and Jerry Hicks


“All that we are is a result of what we have thought” – Buddha



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