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‘Twenty Pearls’ AKA Documentary Shows the Vision and Impact of Black College Women

Executive Producer and Alpha Kappa Alpha member Kimberly Esmond Adams believes anytime is the right time to tell this type of American story. “This story talks about the role that a group of college women, who were still finding their way in the world, yet were intelligent enough to understand that the world was bigger than them and they could do something concrete to make it better for everyone.”

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan: Oprah Winfrey was the Star of that Interview

In the Sunday night interview broadcast on CBS, Markle debunked many untruths “the firm” failed to correct, including the story about making Princess Kate cry, letting the world know it was actually Princess Kate who in fact made Markle cry. While Markle acknowledged that media can get things wrong, “the firm” never tried to correct the story or the narrative as was the case in many instances.

COMMENTARY: Racism and Sexism Help End Kamala Harris’ Presidential Campaign

“I’m mad at the triple standard has to face when it comes to her race and gender, putting food on the table and...

Will Packer Drama, ‘Ambitions’ Brings Star Power to OWN

Entertainment juggernaut Will Packer, the man behind hit films like Girls Trip, Straight Outta Compton. Little, Stomp the Yard, Ride Along, “Ready to Love,”...

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