Urban League Young Professionals to host ‘Black Land Matters’ Event


By Edward Henderson

The only thing more valuable than the financial buildings and wealth that flowed through ‘Black Wall Street’ in Greenwood, Oklahoma was the land that it was built on. Because of the land’s tremendous value, blood and tears were shed over its soil in during the horrendous acts of its destruction in 1921.

In order to take steps towards re-claiming the value of land and finances within the Black community in present day, the Urban League is launching its National Day of Empowerment with Black Wall Street as its theme.

On Saturday Nov. 18th, 9am to 12pm at the South Metro Career Center, The Young Professionals of San Diego’s chapter of the Urban League are hosting an event entitled ‘Black Land Matters: Reclaiming our Land, Restoring our Future’.  The event will feature an educational forum where experts will show attendees the basic steps to land acquisition and home ownership.

“Most people forget the destruction of Black Wall Street was based off of them bombing and killing people so they could take the land,” said Tiffany Harrison, president of the Young Professionals. “We wanted to focus primarily on that to empower people from that point … digging deeper into the issues so that more folks of color can be empowered to get engaged in ownership. The chapter believes strongly that you can’t talk about Black Wall Street and the values of it without addressing land first and foremost.”

Guest Speakers will include: Cord Bailey, COO of Haircourts, Patricia Gibson (Realtor) of Keller Williams and CoutureHomesSD, Abena Briscoe–Stephson, also of Keller Williams and Ciano Villaquiran of Mass Mutual.

E-mail Tiffany Harrison at sdulyp.president@gmail.com for more information.


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